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December 10th, 2007 | Code

Since the Alpha 1 launch a couple weeks ago we've been steadily hammering away at Datejs enhancements, writing tests and pushing towards our goal of a solid Beta 1 release for early January 2008.

The launch went well and community feedback has been steady and very much appreciated. As defects are discovered we're doing our best to fix immediately and commit the new code to SVN.

Datejs SVN Commit messagesIf you're interested in following along as we commit code to the source repository, you might want to subscribe to the Datejs-commits Discussion Group. The Datejs-commits Group automagically catches all the SVN commit log messages and creates a feed which is then easily consumed into your favourite news reader. We're doing our best to always ensure the SVN log notes give plenty of detail regarding all new code and/or revisions.

A spoonful of SugarPak

For developers partial to the date input options we added the following API functions and abbreviations.

Date.tod();       //

Added a new .at() function which accepts a Time string or Time config object."6:15 PM");{hour: 18, minute: 15});

Added .next() and .last() as static functions to the Date object, so you no longer need to instantiate a Date object first before calling .next() or .last().

// Existing;;

// New
// The above code still works,
// but if you want to be relative to 'today',
// the following code is tighter.;

Date logic actually gets fun to write when you start combining the functions to build amazingly readable Date expressions."6:15 PM");

[Use Case] Schedule a reminder to be sent a week before the start of the next month at 9 in the morning.

(1).week().before("9:00 am");

Hope this helps.

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