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April 13th, 2008 | News

For the last couple months updates to the library have been consistently happening every 3-4 days with new features, bug fixes or edits being committed to SVN. The last few days in particular have seen an epic refresh to the project with updates across all modules.


With all the recent changes the docs have gotten a little out of sync, so today I finally sat down to make sure all the core.js docs were correct both online (wiki) and inline. Along with sync I also created a new documentation style for the online wiki docs.

New Documentation Sample
New Datejs Documentation Style

Each function is now documented with the following features:

  • A description of the function
  • Parameters are listed with Type, Name and Description
  • Return Value is listed with the Type, Sample and Description
  • At least one code sample demonstrating how to use the function

Documenting sugarpak.js is up next.

Hope this helps.


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